1. Needlepoint No. 2 by F. Graham - 2.  Breath of The Merciful by H. L.Macfarlane - 3. Zellij Courtyard by J.Macfarlane - 4. Asma an Naby - N. Menne
ARTISTS CV's in order of the Catalogue
Needlepoint Artist: Fatima Graham.
Curator & Digital/Installation Artist: Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane
Hanifa’s background of Graphic Art in industry & Fine Art with Contemporary Art Australia combine in her work reflecting her studies in Eastern culture & Islamic Sufism. She blends her landscapes & designs with Islamic geometric patterns & calligraphy in digital fine art, fabric installations & photography always seeking for a way of indicating the Oneness in the multiplicity of forms, a Path from Form to Essence.
Digital Artist: Jamal ud Deen Macfarlane
Jamaludeen draws on the inspiration of the traditions of Islamic art and his background in systems and science to create contemporary geometric forms through the medium of scalable vector graphics. Through the mentorship of Murshid Ali ElSenossi, Jamaludeen has become increasingly aware of the symbolic and metaphysical importance of traditional Islamic art and architecture. He sees Islamic art based on geometrical designs as a universal language conveying truths transcending this world.
Print Artist - Deborah AsMather [CV to come]

Mosque Rose Photos by Jasmin, Where Two Rivers Meet detail by D AsMather, Brides of Barham Gur, Rasheedah Bound & H.L.Macfarlane
Artist & Craftist - Nafisa Menne
Nafisa grew up in rural South Africa & found her love of God developing as she grew in appreciation of the beauty of the African Veldt. Her contact with the wisdom and humility before God of the Traditional people focused her on the deeper spiritual Realities.
Nafisa moved to Perth, Western Australia in 1983 with her husband and young family & became part of the creative art community.. Her searching heart was nourished by the writings of Rumi and the music of Yusuf Islam. In her search she encountered the voice of Murshid F.A.Ali ElSenossi on the telephone. There was the whole of Africa, there was the Wadud, The Jalal, The Murshid/Spiritual Guide. She embraced the Path of Islamic Sufism at the Almiraj Sufi and Islamic Study Centre.
Nafisa’s wide range of artwork is within the sacred tradition and is available through the Almiraj Sufi Bookshop and other selected Islamic outlets.
Original Music - Sa'im McIntosh & Husayn [CV's to come]
Haiku Poetry - Zaharah Happe [CV to come]
Rose Photographs - Jasmin [CV to come]

Digital Art Prints printed on Epson Stylus 3880 & 1900 large format printers on Epson Premium Glossy, Ilford Gallerie Smooth Pearl or Archival Matt paper, unframed & posted in tube - 3 wks delivery.
1. Needlepoint: Kufic Calligraphy No. 1 - Fatima Graham  - Not for sale
2. Evening - Breath of The Merciful - Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane d.42cm x w.29.7cm  $200   
3. Ocean of Secrets - Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane 39cm x 55cm  $550
4. Surat al Fatihah - Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane 40cm x 55cm  $550
5. Surat al Fatihah English/Arabic - Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane 34cm x 44cm  $200 
6. Ayat al Kursi - Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane 56cm x 43cm $750 
7. Allah - Muhammad [saws] Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane Not for sale
8. Emerald Firmament - Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane  41cm x 57cm  $750
9. Where Two Rivers Meet - Deborah AsMather 90cm x 120cm
10. Needlepoint: Kufic Calligraphy No 2 - Fatima Graham - Not for sale
11. Fuad - Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane 28cm x 20cm  $200
12. Shahadah with Octagons - Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane 42cm x 59cm  $750
13. Needlepoint: Kufic Calligraphy No 3 - Fatima Graham - nfs

14. Needlepoint: Allah - Fatima Graham - nfs
15. Ayat al Kursi with Octagons - Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane, Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane 42cm x 59cm  $ 550
16. Iris - Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane 33cm x 24cm  $200
17. Shahadah: The Witnessing 1 - Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane 39cm sq.  $450  
18. Shahadah: The Witnessing 2 - Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane 39cm sq.  $450
19. Dynamic Array of Hexagons & Stars - Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane 42cm x 49cm  $300
20. Masha'Allah/ Whatever God Wills - Nafisa Menne 61cm x 46cm paper on canvas  $350 
21. Surat al Ikhlaas - Nafisa Menne 92cm x 61 $650
22. Asma al-Husna: Beautiful Names of God - Nafisa Menne 90cm x 120cm - price on application
23. Sarat Ya Seen - Loan of Almiraj Sufi & Islamic Study Centre
24. Allah - Nafisa Menne nfs
25. Muhammad [saws] - Nafisa Menne nfs
26. Allahu Akbar - Nafisa Menne 61cm x 46cm  $350
27. Asma an-Naby - Nafisa Menne 90cm x 120cm poa
28. Surat-al-Baqarah - Nafisa Menne $650
29. Coral World - Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane 43cm x 43cm  $400
30. Tile from Coral Fountain - Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane 57cm x 41cm  $400
31. Tribute to the Masters of Zellij No 6 -Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane 36.5cm x 36.5  $450
32. Light of Muhammad [saws] - Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane 28cm x 20cm  $200
33. Tribute to the Masters of Zellij No 7 -Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane 36cm x 29.5cm  $200
34. Salmon-Blue Screen - Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane 42cm x 29.5cm  $200
35. Salmon-Black-Screen - Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane 42cm x 29.5cm  $200
36. Needlepoint: Poppy - Fatima Graham - nfs
37. Zellij Courtyard - Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane 42cm sq.  $450
38. Tribute to the Masters of Zellij No 5 - Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane 28cm x 38cm  $200
39. The Imprisoned Splendor - Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane 41cm x 50cm  $550
40. Turqoise Screen - Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane 42cm x 29.5cm  $200
41. Chinese Screen - Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane 42cm x 29.5cm  $200
42. Fuad Composition - Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane - Not for sale
43. Circular Rug Design - Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane
44. Celestial Sphere with Basmallah - Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane
45. Tribute to the Masters of Zellij No 3 -Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane
46. Surat an Noor - Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane
47. Khanaqah Ceiling - Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane
48. Khanaqah Ceiling [Green] - Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane
49. Tribute to the Masters of Zellij No 4 - Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane
50. Octagonal Variegated Disc -Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane
50a. Soft Screen - Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane
51. Crimson Blue Clouds - Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane

MOSQUE Elements:
Dome - Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane - Nafisa Menne
Kaaba & Display Unit - Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane  - Nafisa Menne
Pearl Quran - Loan of Almiraj Sufi & Islamic Study Centre
52. Front: Imaginal Worlds Triptych - Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane, Jamal Ad Deen Macfarlane
53. Right: Coral Fountain - Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane  - Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane
54. Rear: Qiblah / Prayer - Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane  - Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane
55. Shahadah Screen - Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane
56. Salaat & Wudu Figures - Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane  -Jamal Ud Deen Macfarlane
DISPLAY PLATFORMS: Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane
Rugs x 3 from Rugs & Kilims - Andrew Wilkie MHR
TABLE DISPLAY: Book of the Heritage of the Family of Muhammad saws - Loan of Almiraj Sufi & Islamic Study Centre
57. Seven Brides of Bahram Gur - Rasheedah Bound - Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane