Mosque installation of the "Imaginal Worlds" exhibition at Moonah Arts Centre, Hobart Tasmania, October 13th - 28th 2010

The Imaginal Worlds exhibition is an exploration of the inherent beauty of the Islamic artistic tradition, rich in decorative & visual arts. It includes strikingly beautiful, contemporary renderings of traditional concepts in a fresh & exciting style. Digital graphics, fabric installations, embroidery
& works on paper are complemented by traditional carpets & inlaid woodwork. 
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The Shahadah wall, Qibla & Fountain images below 
The Mosque installation is the setting for the Islamic Salat/Prayer cycle in 8 lightboxes & contains a  black-glass, scale model of the Kaaba in Mecca; the direction for the Salat/prayer. The front face triptych is the "Imaginal Worlds image surmounted by the Statement of Faith, described below. The right outer face wall is the Moroccan style Fountain which provides pure water to enter the state of ritual purity required for Salat/prayer. The rear wall faces the Kaaba in Mecca. It is the setting for the Qibla/focus which the worshippers face in a mosque to direct their prayer towards the Kaaba. The declaration of faith or Witnessing/Shahadah whereby a believer becomes a Muslim by reciting "There is no god but the One God & Muhammad is the Messenger of God" is both above the Imaginal Worlds image & contained in the repeating pattern of the Shahadah Screen which also contains the Sacred Name, on the outside left wall face .

Left: Collegiate Students view the Kaaba & Qur'an  Centre View through the Mosque  Right The Pearl Qur'an

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The Qibla image wall faces Mecca & is the direction for the focus of the Salat/Prayer

The Fountain wall is based on the beautiful Moroccan street fountains. Single tile images are available as Signed Limited Edition Art Prints. Click the Dawa'ir al Jameelah/Circles of Beauty green logo above left to go to the full catalogue with images.

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